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Our Marketing Department acts as an ad agency with graphic design capabilities, as well as multiple media buyers available for advertising work and consulting. The group provides a full suite of marketing services for dental specialists. Our experience working within the healthcare field enables us to craft effective marketing campaigns specifically for healthcare practitioners.


From the onset of a project, our team will work with the doctor to create a custom-designed logo for the practice. Subsequently, we will produce a full suite of materials, such as letterhead, envelopes, and other stationary to thoroughly brand the business. External Marketing

The ability to draw patients to a new practice is paramount to initial and continual success, and ABC has the tools and means to conceive and implement a successful marketing campaign. Mailers, flyers, business cards and brochures are provided for in the opening budget, as well as a custom-designed web site. In addition, we can facilitate advertising in a variety of media, such as community magazines, cinema, cable television, and other channels to best fit the doctor's market.

Internal Marketing

Beyond its use as a tool to draw new business, ABC also utilizes marketing to retain hard-won patients. Ecards are sent out to improve the rate of kept appointments, and social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, can be deployed as effective communications channels.

Financial Reporting

We use an online financial and statistical reporting application that offers doctors the ability to monitor their practice statistics in real time. The information available through this system represents the most crucial aspects of running a successful practice. Access to this detailed information enables doctors to more efficiently and effectively run their practices.

Our system enables doctors to understand the business end of their practice and ultimately obtain a clear picture of the practice's profitability.

  • Monthly Production Statistics - Empower yourself with crucial practice data including collections, total production, collections as a percent of production, new patients scheduled, existing patients scheduled, percentage of broken appointments, claims outstanding and much more. These monthly statistics make it simple to monitor trends in your practice.
  • Practice Performance Reports - Access these reports to compare your office statistics to other offices in the ABC system as well as your own practice in other quarters. View helpful charts in dozens of financial and statistical categories.
  • Profit and Loss Statements - Track the office's income, doctor expenses, employee expenses, direct expenses and operating costs. Drill down in each category to view details of each expense. Use this accounting tool to keep control of your bottom line.
  • Quarterly Statements - Timely statements enable you to quickly analyze the status of your practice. All of the work is done for you and the information is available online.
Accounts Payable

Bill payment and other administrative tasks cut into patient time. ABC alleviates this burden by providing reliable business services including bill payment and accounts payable services.

Bill Payment

If requested, all invoices and bills are mailed to our corporate office. We review, audit and pay the bills for the practice. An Accounts Payable representative will request approval from the doctor for payment of a bill if this is deemed necessary. In most cases, invoices are automatically entered in the system and a check is cut. The check is reviewed for accuracy and mailed to the appropriate vendor. All invoices are paid in a timely manner.

Online Access

Doctors may view all transactions in our online statistical and financial reporting system. This convenient online service allows doctors to check on payments, whether or not a check has been voided, and view the date the payment was made and so forth. Invoices are forwarded so that doctors may view the actual invoices that support various expense items and transactions. This feature makes it even easier to access your records and analyze financial data.

Practice Enhancement

A Practice Enhancement Consultant works with the doctor and staff towards growing the practice. These consultants provide industry expertise and operational guidance by identifying new and reviewing ongoing practice issues. Their goal is to enable each practice to operate in an efficient, productive and successful manner. Practice enhancement services include monthly conference calls, practice scheduling analysis, practice statistical analysis and financial statement analysis.

Financial Review

ABC consultants are adept at analyzing and evaluating statistical data. By reviewing monthly production statistics, practice performance reports and profit/loss statements, the consultants are able to review practice strengths and recommend changes for practice growth. The consultant also assists doctors and managers in understanding office statistics and financial statements.

Patient Scheduling

The consultant will evaluate patient scheduling, confirmation procedures and appointment times. The consultant will examine patient flow and offer concrete suggestions for improvement.

Treatment Fees

The consultant will help determine whether existing treatment fees are fair based on nationwide surveys. They will also assist with yearly evaluations and recommendations for fee increases.

New Patient Statistics

The consultant will use a monthly performance statistics report to identify trends in practice changes and productivity. Trends such as an increased broken appointment percentage are often identified and solutions are suggested. The consultant is trained to assist with better communication skills, will guide staff to implement changes within the office and work towards improvement.

Assistance with Staff

The consultant analyzes team performance in areas critical to success for the practice including clinic morale, patient education, leadership and delegation abilities. The consultant provides mechanisms for computing quarterly profit sharing amounts for eligible employees. The consultant will also help with hiring new employees. On site visits are extremely helpful for consultants to be able to effectively evaluate staff and doctor needs.

On Site Visits

On site visits allow for a comprehensive consultation and provide the doctor with a detailed, written action plan. These site visits are available upon request for an additional cost. Action plans include staff evaluations, job descriptions, team building, practice analysis based on "best practices," assistance with marketing ideas, enhanced communications and conflict resolutions when necessary.

Human Resources

ABC provides full Human Resources services including payroll services and employee benefits. Our cutting edge technology will reduce the administrative hassle of manual timecards and record keeping. The software systems are simple to use and will enhance your practice.

Time and Attendance

Staff is paid timely and accurately. The system ensures accurate employee hours. A staff member, often the payroll manager, is assigned a password which authorizes them to correct any times in the event that an employee forgets to punch in or out. This adjustment is noted in the software as a correction.

Our system gathers, organizes and stores all time and attendance data. The software provides time clock summary reports which are helpful in analyzing overtime and other special time considerations. This software significantly reduces concerns about time clock and payroll fraud.


The information collected can be imported into our online Financial Reporting system. Instead of manually calculating time cards and entering that information into a separate payroll system, simply click a few buttons and data is transferred.

An ABC representative retrieves the data and completes the payment process for the next scheduled pay date. The data is run through multiple exception reports to ensure accuracy.

ABC offers direct deposit for each employee at no additional cost. If an employee still prefers to receive a physical check, it will be mailed two days prior to their actual pay date to ensure timely delivery.

Online Payroll

Each staff member has access to their own payroll page online. The secure website requires the user to log on with a specific ID and password. Employees may then view and/or print check stubs, view vacation and sick balances as well as verifying benefits and beneficiaries. This convenient online service saves time and money.

Labor Law Posters

It is important that all of your office locations are fully compliant with all state and federal labor laws including mandatory posters. ABC provides annual subscriptions for doctors. The subscription includes an all-in-one laminated poster, quarterly newsletter and ongoing updates throughout the year.

Patient Financial Services

We find it beneficial to separate the duties of health practitioner from those of the financing source. ABC provides multiple patient financial services to implement this idea.

We understand the minute details of running a successful practice. That's why we offer standard patient mailings, custom correspondence, assist in drafting documents and so forth.

Because of the large volume of printing that we do, we are able to offer bulk rate billing and insurance filing among other savings.

Billing Services
  • Process patient statements daily or monthly (when applicable). Patient billing information is automatically collected and transmitted to us that very day.
  • Print and mail professional statements in #10 envelopes with a self-addressed envelope enclosed. All correspondence is customized with the practice's logo.
  • Eliminate repetitive administrative tasks such as stuffing, stamping, sorting and mailing.
  • Patient account adjustments are audited and reviewed for validity and accuracy.
  • Patient Receivables
    • Set up auto-drafts from patient's accounts. The banking institution immediately reconciles the amount drafted to our systems.
    • Phone payments are another convenient option for patients.
    • Reconciliation of receivables occurs on a daily basis.
    • Insurance
      • Electronic claim filing is available.
      • Paper claim filing is also included.
      • Collections
        • Automated process turns accounts over to a collection status upon doctor's approval.
        • We provide bad debt account collections services for an additional fee.
        • Our collection agency, RRS, specializes in medical past-due accounts.
        • Service fees are only charged for amounts collected.


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