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Loan Approval

ABC works with a variety of funding sources, from large national banks to smaller financial firms, to ensure our client doctors receive the best funding options available for their projects. We strive to allow for zero out-of-pocket expense to the doctor when commencing the creation of a new office, and have a very high rate of success in achieving this goal. In order to help secure the loan, ABC can provide the following:

Business Plans

All lenders want to verify the viability of any project before issuing funds, and we can provide the business models and forecasts necessary to obtain approval.


Additionally, a thorough budget will be required to account for how the funds are to be spent. Fortunately, the experience of our previous projects has given us an exact budget model to present, saving the doctor time in preparation and avoiding delays due to insufficient information.


Finally, ABC will provide the project timeline necessary for measuring progress and identifying important milestones and deadlines. From our past experience, we're confident in our ability to have you operational within six months of loan approval.