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Site Selection


Careful site selection is crucial to the success of any practice, and ABC has the tools to ensure a the right location is secured, at the right terms. Our real estate and marketing service departments work together to align strategies. Using professional demographic and mapping resources, ABC determines the most suitable markets and submarkets for your practice. Factors such as age, income, growth potential, marketing ability, competition and benchmarking are taken into consideration when making location recommendations.

Real Estate Services

Upon narrowing the area of our search, the talents of our real estate team come into play. We determine the long term viability of office locations and ensure the location can be developed within the budget constraints. Convenience to patients, accessibility, parking, visibility, appearance, and affordability are a few of the factors taken into consideration when looking for sites.

Lease Negotiations

The final hurdle to site selection is conducting successful negotiations with the landlord. We have negotiated hundreds of leases that incorporate terms specific to the needs of each practice. We are able to remove items from leases that are less important to landlords such as some hidden fees, and we are usually able to add items to leases such as exclusive use provisions and multiple options to renew.