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Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting

We use an online financial and statistical reporting application that offers doctors the ability to monitor their practice statistics in real time. The information available through this system represents the most crucial aspects of running a successful practice. Access to this detailed information enables doctors to more efficiently and effectively run their practices. Our system enables doctors to understand the business end of their practice and ultimately obtain a clear picture of the practice's profitability.

Monthly Production Statistics - Empower yourself with crucial practice data including collections, total production, collections as a percent of production, new patients scheduled, existing patients scheduled, percentage of broken appointments, claims outstanding and much more. These monthly statistics make it simple to monitor trends in your practice.

Practice Performance Reports - Access these reports to compare your office statistics to other offices in the ABC system as well as your own practice in other quarters. View helpful charts in dozens of financial and statistical categories.

Profit and Loss Statements - Track the office's income, doctor expenses, employee expenses, direct expenses and operating costs. Drill down in each category to view details of each expense. Use this accounting tool to keep control of your bottom line.

Quarterly Statements - Timely statements enable you to quickly analyze the status of your practice. All of the work is done for you and the information is available online.

Accounts Payable

Bill payment and other administrative tasks cut into patient time. ABC alleviates this burden by providing reliable business services including bill payment and accounts payable services.

Bill Payment

If requested, all invoices and bills are mailed to our corporate office. We review, audit and pay the bills for the practice. An Accounts Payable representative will request approval from the doctor for payment of a bill if this is deemed necessary. In most cases, invoices are automatically entered in the system and a check is cut. The check is reviewed for accuracy and mailed to the appropriate vendor. All invoices are paid in a timely manner.

Online Access

Doctors may view all transactions in our online statistical and financial reporting system. This convenient online service allows doctors to check on payments, whether or not a check has been voided, and view the date the payment was made and so forth. Invoices are forwarded so that doctors may view the actual invoices that support various expense items and transactions. This feature makes it even easier to access your records and analyze financial data.