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Patient Financial Services

Patient Financial Services

We find it beneficial to separate the duties of health practitioner from those of the financing source. ABC provides multiple patient financial services to implement this idea.

We understand the minute details of running a successful practice. That's why we offer standard patient mailings, custom correspondence, assist in drafting documents and so forth.

Because of the large volume of printing that we do, we are able to offer bulk rate billing and insurance filing among other savings.

Billing Services

  • Process patient statements daily or monthly (when applicable). Patient billing information is automatically collected and transmitted to us that very day.
  • Print and mail professional statements in #10 envelopes with a self-addressed envelope enclosed. All correspondence is customized with the practice's logo.
  • Eliminate repetitive administrative tasks such as stuffing, stamping, sorting and mailing.
  • Patient account adjustments are audited and reviewed for validity and accuracy.

Patient Receivables

  • Set up auto-drafts from patient's accounts. The banking institution immediately reconciles the amount drafted to our systems.
  • Phone payments are another convenient option for patients.
  • Reconciliation of receivables occurs on a daily basis.


  • Electronic claim filing is available.
  • Paper claim filing is also included.


  • Automated process turns accounts over to a collection status upon doctor's approval.
  • We provide bad debt account collections services for an additional fee.
  • Our collection agency, RRS, specializes in medical past-due accounts.
  • Service fees are only charged for amounts collected.