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Practice Enhancement

Practice Enhancement

A Practice Enhancement Consultant works with the doctor and staff towards growing the practice. These consultants provide industry expertise and operational guidance by identifying new and reviewing ongoing practice issues. Their goal is to enable each practice to operate in an efficient, productive and successful manner. Practice enhancement services include monthly conference calls, practice scheduling analysis, practice statistical analysis and financial statement analysis.

Financial Review

ABC consultants are adept at analyzing and evaluating statistical data. By reviewing monthly production statistics, practice performance reports and profit/loss statements, the consultants are able to review practice strengths and recommend changes for practice growth. The consultant also assists doctors and managers in understanding office statistics and financial statements.

Patient Scheduling

The consultant will evaluate patient scheduling, confirmation procedures and appointment times. The consultant will examine patient flow and offer concrete suggestions for improvement.

Treatment Fees

The consultant will help determine whether existing treatment fees are fair based on nationwide surveys. They will also assist with yearly evaluations and recommendations for fee increases.

New Patient Statistics

The consultant will use a monthly performance statistics report to identify trends in practice changes and productivity. Trends such as an increased broken appointment percentage are often identified and solutions are suggested. The consultant is trained to assist with better communication skills, will guide staff to implement changes within the office and work towards improvement.

Assistance with Staff

The consultant analyzes team performance in areas critical to success for the practice including clinic morale, patient education, leadership and delegation abilities. The consultant provides mechanisms for computing quarterly profit sharing amounts for eligible employees. The consultant will also help with hiring new employees. On site visits are extremely helpful for consultants to be able to effectively evaluate staff and doctor needs.

On Site Visits

On site visits allow for a comprehensive consultation and provide the doctor with a detailed, written action plan. These site visits are available upon request for an additional cost. Action plans include staff evaluations, job descriptions, team building, practice analysis based on "best practices," assistance with marketing ideas, enhanced communications and conflict resolutions when necessary.