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Human Resources

Human Resources

ABC provides full Human Resources services including payroll services and employee benefits. Our cutting edge technology will reduce the administrative hassle of manual timecards and record keeping. The software systems are simple to use and will enhance your practice.

Time and Attendance

Staff is paid timely and accurately. The system ensures accurate employee hours. A staff member, often the payroll manager, is assigned a password which authorizes them to correct any times in the event that an employee forgets to punch in or out. This adjustment is noted in the software as a correction.

Our system gathers, organizes and stores all time and attendance data. The software provides time clock summary reports which are helpful in analyzing overtime and other special time considerations. This software significantly reduces concerns about time clock and payroll fraud.


The information collected can be imported into our online Financial Reporting system. Instead of manually calculating time cards and entering that information into a separate payroll system, simply click a few buttons and data is transferred.

An ABC representative retrieves the data and completes the payment process for the next scheduled pay date. The data is run through multiple exception reports to ensure accuracy.

ABC offers direct deposit for each employee at no additional cost. If an employee still prefers to receive a physical check, it will be mailed two days prior to their actual pay date to ensure timely delivery.

Online Payroll

Each staff member has access to their own payroll page online. The secure website requires the user to log on with a specific ID and password. Employees may then view and/or print check stubs, view vacation and sick balances as well as verifying benefits and beneficiaries. This convenient online service saves time and money.

Labor Law Posters

It is important that all of your office locations are fully compliant with all state and federal labor laws including mandatory posters. ABC provides annual subscriptions for doctors. The subscription includes an all-in-one laminated poster, quarterly newsletter and ongoing updates throughout the year.