Effective Dental Patient Marketing Methods Your Practice Should Use

Effective Dental Patient Marketing Methods Your Practice Should Use

Jul 01, 2019

Pro ABC understands how important marketing is to all businesses, including dental practices. Let’s explore 11 amazing methods you can use for your dental practice.

Get Involved with the Community

Local businesses should strive to be known in their area by getting involved. Attend events, sponsor things, and even volunteer your time at local schools.

Build a Community on Social Media

Social media is a great way to get new patients and strengthen the relationships you have with older patients. Social media gives you instant access to hundreds of members of the community.

Focus on Local SEO

Optimizing your business for search engines is highly important to reach new patients. Try using terms to increase your ranking and make your practice more visible on the internet.

Create a Strong, Well-Designed Site

Your interaction will likely start when a patient visits your website, so it is important to look established and reputable on your home page. Be organized, look professional, offer information to patients, and make navigating easy.

Use Content Marketing to Offer Value

Content marketing involves placing ads for your business inside blog posts or ebooks. This could allow you to expand your content while increasing traffic and your rank.

Run AdWords Campaigns

AdWords allows you to have an ad displayed when users search for certain keywords. This is excellent to increase relevancy.

Postcards & Mailed Offers

You can reach out to your target audience and even contact patients that haven’t been to your clinic in a while by making postcards and mailing out deals and offers for dental treatment.

Appointment Reminders

Maintaining the relationships that you have built with loyal patients is highly important, so make sure to send them friendly reminders about appointments through text, email, postcards, or even phone calls.


Newsletters will allow you to deliver information about your practice right to your patients’ inboxes. However, try not to send too many or else you may come off as spammy.

Remarketing Campaigns

Remarket your business and get patients to take action and connect with your site in different ways.

Diversify Your Keywords

Keywords are the key to increasing your ranking and reaching more patients. Include keywords that will help your business.

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