Kevin Eatmon

Kevin Eatmon, DDS

It is with complete confidence that I can recommend Derek Leonard and his team to sell your practice. He is honest, competent, thorough, and committed to providing great service to his clients. The comfort of knowing that Derek and his staff took care of my multi-office (8 locations) practice, which I worked very hard to build, put me at ease through a process that I know can be extremely difficult

Jeremiah Danel

Dr. Jeremiah Danel

I just wanted to thank you for all of your support and efforts. You are truly the best out there! I mean that most sincerely. I was incredibly impressed with your skill and your ability to communicate promptly with me and our third party. This is a combination that seems rare in today’s service industry. I have heard countless horror stories from other residents and their experiences with different companies in your line of work and I have to say, I definitely lucked out by having you on my team! If there is a testimonial section on your website I will gladly write my highest recommendation of you and share my complete satisfaction with your services! If there is anything else I can do to help let me know. In fact, send me some of your brochures so that I may share them with some of my colleagues. I can’t think of a better guy to recommend for the job.

Kevin Robinson

Dr. Kevin Robinson

Since 2003, Mr. Derek S. Leonard and American Business Consulting have provided me and my practice with invaluable consultation as I transitioned from a 2nd year dental specialist student to the ownership of my first specialty practice. Mr. Leonard was solely instrumental with the identification and negotiation of a brand new built-out specialist facility that was previously vacated by the proposed leasee during the economic downturn that essentially saved me more than $180,000. Furthermore, as I faced the challenge that many new doctors face, convincing the landlord to lease a never before used office space to a new specialist graduate with no previous business history, Mr. Leonard and American Business Consulting provided oversight to the business aspect of the practice which ultimately led to the landlord conditionally executing the lease agreement. I am very thankful to Mr. Leonard and his company for the countless hours of imploring their expertise for the growth of my practice, thus allowing me piece of mind.

Aisha Moore

Dr. Aisha Moore

I received information regarding ABC from a colleague and friend who is an orthodontist. I started communicating with Derek about 2 years before I was ready to open an office. He has been very patient with me and helped me to choose a very good location for my office. ABC has been with me every step of the way and eliminated a lot of the stress associated with opening an office. I think that Derek is not only a great business person, but I find him to be honest and trustworthy as well.

Anisa Omar

Dr. Anisa Omar

Having ProABC work with me when I decided to open my own practice, was the best decision I ever made. They made every step of the process seem effortless and stress-free. I always felt like I was in good hands. They went beyond their duties to ensure I was satisfied. I would highly recommend ProABC to anyone who is considering purchasing or building their own dental practice.

Ford Cooper

Dr. Ford Cooper

To have a friend for more than a decade is quite special. To have a business partner for more than a decade is very rare. Fortunately for me, I have both in Derek Leonard and his company, ABC. With a unique combination of knowledge, experience and a sincere commitment to excellence, Derek and his team will work expeditiously to accomplish your goals, large or small, as seamless as possible. Their specialty truly combines professionalism with the necessary business expertise to achieve successful results and predictable outcomes. This alone should give anyone a real peace of mind. ABC is, no doubt, well on its way to being an industry leader in the dental profession and a benchmark for success in today’s competitive market. I’m extremely pleased and very proud to have Derek Leonard and ABC on my side, and you should too!

Dennis Mauro

Dr. Dennis Mauro

Completing an orthodontic residency is both challenging and time consuming. While the orthodontic residency is designed to prepare individuals to achieve great clinical results, there is a component to orthodontic education that most schools only touch upon, the orthodontic practice. Figuring out what to do and where to do it after residency is a monumental task. Having someone that you can rely on to help research and identify the best possible option is essential. Derek was able to do that for me. He was, and continues to be, great to work with. Derek takes the time to answer any questions that I may have, and has a knack for evaluating opportunities. Derek has proven that he is worthy of all of the trust myself and my family put in him.

Dennis Mauro

Dr. Virdisland Gamble
Houston, TX

Derek Leonard and ABC have been and continue to be instrumental to the success of my practice. Thanks in no small part to their support and assistance, I find myself much further along in my career as a dentist, than I imagined would be possible when I graduated from dental school. Having ABC as part of my team allows me to concentrate on patients and spend far less time in the back office. Whenever I have an issue, help is only a phone call away. Their respectful, courteous attitude, towards doctor and staff alike, make them a pleasure to do business with, and their professional insights are invaluable, as their expertise covers the business side of dentistry seldom discussed in our professional training. I look forward to continuing to grow and prosper with their assistance.