Anyone can list your practice for sale. The idea is to get it sold. Work with our company who has the experience, resources and relationships to quickly sell your practice for maximum value.

Stay in control until you receive the offer you desire from a company or individual who will carry on the legacy you worked hard to build. Your staff and patients will be in good hands. You’ll receive a lump sum for the sale, then an opportunity to continue to work with your existing patients and receive associate pay often equivalent to prior year profits, without the headaches of being a business owner.

Selling your dental practice is an emotional event that will alter your life and virtually the way you have done things for decades. You’ve worked hard in building your legacy, growing and training your staff, and serving your community and your patients. A visit to the local Dental School, placing a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) sign on your door or even selling to a Family Member, is simply not a good idea. It is a Seller’s market and you should allow the professionals to handle the legalities and complexities of transitioning your practice the precise way, quickly and at maximum value.

Current Opportunities:

  • 12 locations in San Francisco, CA
  • 2 locations with real estate in Houston, TX
  • Specialty practice in Nashville, TN
  • Specialty 2 location practice in Atlanta, GA
  • Specialty 2 location practice in New Orleans, LA