Marketing & Brand Development

Branding, Advertising and Social Media Marketing, Referral Network and Public Relations

Our Strategic Alliances allow us to provide the following Marketing Services:

Patient Booking:

  • We Build A Site That Sells: This includes building a sales funnel online using your website.
  • Search & Social Media: We leverage search and social media to target patients who are already looking for your services in your area. We target them using Ads, the Local Map, and Organic search results on Google.

Technology Software:

  • Call Tracking Software: Our Call Tracking software can help measure phone call conversions from your online and offline marketing campaigns. With Call Tracking you are able to see exactly which calls are coming from each of your marketing mediums. This not only helps with your marketing, but this can be a fantastic training tool.
  • Online Scheduling Software: A scheduling app that allows new and current patients book appointments directly into your patient management software. Use Our Online Scheduling on your website, Google, Yelp, Facebook.
  • Pozative Software: We use Pozative, an application we’ve developed over many years, to get you more reviews by texting your patients right after they leave your practice.
  • Engage Software: We know clients respond best when they receive multiple touch points, so we built this application to help you engage new and existing patients for maximum retention.
    • Unlimited 2-way texting
    • Patient Recall
    • Appointment Reminders/Confirmations
  • Advanced Reporting: Because our platform is able to track all incoming and outgoing communication as well as integrate with your practice management software, we are now able to bring it all together:
  • Patient Revenue

Our platform pulls the amount of revenue generated from each patient from your practice management platform.

  • Patient Source

The Call Tracking and Online Scheduling platform then sources where each of those patients came from.

  • Marketing Expenditure

Our platform connects with your marketing platforms including GoogleAds.

  • ROI Reporting

By tracking both the revenue from each patient and the cost to acquire each of these patients, we are now able to see your Return on Investment!


  • Premium Website:
  • Go Live – 3-4 weeks
  • Our websites are semi-custom
  • No need for an upgrade to run Google ads
  • We will brand it according to your logo and colors
  • The content is all unique to you
  • You fully own the website

Advanced technology –

  • Advanced Reporting
  • Engage
  • Online Scheduling App
  • Call recording and tracking


  • Host/secure website
  • Monthly minor website edits
  • Keyword optimization
  • Bi-weekly unique blogs
  • Link-Building
  • Directory Clean-up
  • Off-Page Link Building (NAP listings)
  • Google Business page optimization

SEO/Social Media:

  • SEO Package
  • Social Media postings -Facebook/Instagram/Twitter(Mon-Fri)

Patient Booking:

  • SEO Package
  • Social Media Package
  • Google Ads
  • Facebooks Ads
  • Retarget Marketing