Exit Strategies: Sell your business and continue to practice (or Not)

Anyone can list your practice for sale. The idea is to get it sold. Work with our company who has the experience, resources and relationships to quickly sell your practice for maximum value.

Stay in control until you receive the offer you desire from a company or individual who will carry on the legacy you worked hard to build. Your staff and patients will be in good hands. You’ll receive a lump sum for the sale, then an opportunity to continue to work with your existing patients and receive associate pay often equivalent to prior year profits, without the headaches of being a business owner.

Buy With Confidence:

Most transition companies only or mainly work with the Selling Doctor, since that is who they will receive the commission from. Our Buyer’s Representative Agreement includes a complimentary two year service contract so that we maintain our relationship with you after the sale and provide similar services as our startups and DSOs. Thus, you can buy with Confidence.