I’m ready to sell my dental practice in Austin TX. What’s the best way to make a clean break into retirement without making my patients feel abandoned? Pro ABC offers turnkey solutions and unique exit strategies that can ensure your patients are well cared for as you transition into retirement. Rest easy knowing we will find the perfect buyer for your practice- one who respects the hard work and dedication you’ve poured into your practice and who will take care of your patients in the same, caring way you have for so many years.

How Will My Patients Respond to the Sale of My Practice?

Your goal of a seamless transaction is our goal at Pro ABC, as well. We’ve found that patients respond more favorably to the changes that occur during a practice’s sale when their dentist is less involved in the real estate transaction and more involved in providing care during the sale. We can offer a genuine hands-free experience that leaves you free to continue practicing dentistry in the same, caring way as you always have, right up until the closing- and even after, if that’s what you wish. Feel free to inquire about an ownership transfer that allows you to sell and keep right on practicing dentistry in your current location.

How Can I Sell My Dental Practice in Austin, TX?

It’s a lot easier than you think to initiate the sale of your practice- simply call Pro ABC or connect with us through our website, send your list of questions, and set up a consultation with us to learn more about the many services we provide. We guarantee your satisfaction throughout the entire process, and we’ll help you choose an exit strategy that reflects your needs.

Why Now is the Best Time to Sell

One of the most common questions we receive at Pro ABC is. ‘Should I wait to sell my dental practice in Austin, TX until I’m at retirement age’? Why wait? It’s a seller’s market, and that means you stand to gain more from the sale of your practice if you take advantage of the current market. If you’re not ready to retire, you can keep practicing dentistry right where you are- and transfer ownership while the market is hot. As you explore and consider your options, feel free to use the free resources found on our website at Pro ABC- or call one of our agents who can assist you further.

Our connections ensure the maximum sale value of your dental practice and a quick, no-hassle sale. We’ll handle every aspect, including negotiations, finding the right buyer, and helping you find a customized sale option that meets your needs. Whether you decide to completely separate yourself from your practice or wish to stay on and care for patients, as usual, we’ll be here to help you from start to finish. You’ll find additional information under the ‘Transitions’ heading on our website’s home page.

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