I want to sell my dental practice in San Antonio but am not sure who to hire- any suggestions? Pro ABC offers many turnkey services for dentists and investors- our goal is to make the sale of your practice a stress-free experience that enables you to transition into the next phase of your life seamlessly. We work hard to ensure a quick sale at maximum value. When you hire a Pro ABC agent, your goals become ours, as well; in fact, your satisfaction with our services is absolutely guaranteed, from start to finish. If you’re not happy with our professionalism and the ultimate outcome of the service we provide, you don’t have to pay us for our time.

How Hard is it to Sell a Dental Practice?

The unique challenges you face while you commit to selling your practice depend on your approach- you could choose to do it all on your own, which will ultimately lead to a stressful experience while you continue practicing dentistry, or you could place the sale in the hands of a Pro ABC agent and leave the worry to us. We highly recommend our services to dentists who are busy with the day-to-day operations associated with running a dental practice. We’ll handle all aspects of finding a buyer for your business while you continue providing exceptional care to your patients.

Can I Sell My Dental Practice in San Antonio, TX and Keep Practicing?

Whether you choose an exit strategy that includes retirement or you simply wish to eliminate the anxiety of owning your own practice, we offer many different options to meet your needs- it’s even possible to transfer the ownership of your practice to someone else so that the only thing that changes at your practice is the name of the owner. Many of our clients find ownership transfer removes a great deal of stress from their lives and allows them to maintain a certain level of control over their practice, as well.

Why Should I Sell My Dental Practice?

It’s a seller’s market, so you’re likely to get your asking price if you decide to place your dental practice on the market within the next couple of months. Taking advantage of a seller’s market means a faster sale and a higher sale price and reduces the risk of waiting until the window of opportunity or narrows due to changes in the market. If you have questions for our team at Pro ABC, feel free to give us a call and schedule a complimentary consultation. We want to address all of your concerns and inquiries to ensure you’re well-informed about our agency and services.

No-Risk Service

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the service our team provides, there’s no risk or costs involved. You can find out more about our money-back guarantee and the many services we offer as you browse our site’s resources. Click the ‘Transitions’ link and select ‘Sell’ from the menu to learn more about why we are the right agency to negotiate the sale of your practice- or just call us and say ‘I’m ready to sell my dental practice in San Antonio, TX’.

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