I want to sell my dental practice in Dallas TX, but I want to make sure I hire the right type of realtor. Does Pro ABC offer assistance with sales? If you’re searching for an experienced negotiator and a team of agents who will work tirelessly to sell your dental practice, you’ve come to the right place. We have a long and successful history of orchestrating dental practice sales throughout the greater Dallas location. Best of all, we offer multiple options for buyers and sellers to create an exit strategy that matches your goals. Whether you wish to continue practicing dentistry or transition into retirement, you’ll find we have the right approach to achieve your objectives.

How Hard is it to Sell a Dental Practice?

On your own, or with the help of a general practice real estate agent, you might face many months or even years with your practice on the market; if that type of wait doesn’t appeal to you, consider making a call, to our team from Pro ABC. It is our primary goal to deliver a quick sale resulting in the maximum amount of profit after the sale. As you consider hiring us, feel free to browse our website for additional resources and information about our agency, the services we provide, and our satisfaction guarantee, which leads the industry in terms of value. The bottom line- you want to hear the much-anticipated words, ‘Your practice has sold’. We’ll work hard to make that happen for you.

Can I Sell My Dental Practice in Dallas, TX?

It surprises many of our clients to learn that it’s not only legal to sell their practice, but that there are many options available once you decide to sell. For example, we can arrange a sale that takes the stress out of your life by transferring the practice ownership to the buyer but allows you to continue practicing in the same location, caring for your own patients. If ownership becomes too great an anxiety, consider speaking with one of our agents about selling an ownership transfer. If you’re ready to retire, we have the perfect exit strategy to make that happen for you quickly.

Selling in a Seller’s Market

We’ll make sure you maintain control of your dental practice throughout the process of selling, so your patients will continue to receive the same, committed care they’ve always trusted you to provide. If you’re considering a ‘buy owner’ approach you’ll eventually find that do-it-yourself options take up a tremendous amount of your time and rarely deliver positive results. We like to tell our clients to keep on doing what they do best while we do what we were trained to do- ensure the quick sale of your practice at its maximum value.

When to Sell

There’s never been a better time to sell. When we get the call from a potential client saying ‘I’m ready to sell my dental practice in Dallas, TX’, we reassure them that they’ve made a decision when the market is the strongest and when many potential buyers are searching for an opportunity to buy. Let’s get started right now- schedule a courtesy consultation when you call Pro ABC. Now is a great time to sell your practice.

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